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We design and manufacture bespoke Shopfitting
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Brand Inventors Retail Shopfitters is a bespoke shopfitting company based in Silverton, Pretoria. We offer shopfitters services to clients in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding areas mostly. We can assist on a national scale and have completed projects all over South Africa.

What makes us different is the fact that we offer design and manufacturing as a single one point solution. The advantage of this is that time frames and deadlines can be better managed because everything is completed in the same facility. 


Brand Inventors Retail Shopfitters offers design to machine shopfitting services. This means we design your store fittings and export directly from our design files to our wide range of CNC machines. This workflow ensures precision and accuracy on all our manufactured items.

We can design and manufacture any bespoke items you may require. Whether you need custom bars, custom furniture, signage, cabinets, retail displays, kiosks or anything else. Our team of highly qualified and experienced shopfitters can assist you from design to final installation. We offer a single turn-key solution with zero outsourcing. This sets us apart from any of our competitors.

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We offer world class design services using state of the art technology. We can design your product or space, graphic elements and any other items needed.


We can build all designed components, deliver and install. We build custom shopfitting and retail interior solutions. 100% Original Bespoke just for you.


As Shopfitters, we can assist with 100% custom Retail Kiosk Solutions. We can build your kiosk with integrated branding, electrical points and everything else you need.

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We offer inhouse Sofa, Bench Seating and Upholstery Services. As Shopfitters we understand the requirements and deadlines. We make 100% custom units just for you.


As Shopfitters we can produce a wide range of bespoke retail displays using plastics, steel, engineering materials and wood types. Find out more.

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Because we are shopfitters we have a wide range of tools that allow us to do fabricated signs, printed signs and UV Flatbed Printed Signs

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We do custom steel work, welding and plasma cutting. We can create frames, brackets, furniture, racking and more. Design to final finish. 


Retail Shopfitters can assist with digital printing services on roll media and flatbed printable media. This includes wallpaper, banners, posters and more.

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Retail Shopfitters offer a wide range of CNC Cutting Services. We can cut wood, plastics, metal sheet, acrylics, plywood, aluminium and more.

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Our CNC Machines

Our CNC Machines allow us to export directly from Computer Design files to Machine. This means far greater precision and consistency.

CNC Laser Machine

CNC Plasma

CNC Laser Machine

Flatbed UV Printer

CNC Router

Vinyl Printer

CNC Router

Vinyl CNC Cutters

Our Vision

Brand Inventors Retail Shopfitters is dedicated to leading the way in bespoke, high-end shopfitting solutions. Our passion lies in crafting exquisite, custom-made items for clients with unique needs. While our approach of creating everything from scratch may not always be the fastest or most cost-effective, it guarantees exclusivity and rarity – a handcrafted experience tailored just for you. As shopfitting contractors, our commitment is to excellence in every project.

Brenton Watt
CEO of Brand Inventors (Pty) Ltd

Shopfitters and Designers

When searching terms like Shopfitters in Pretoria, Shopfitters Centurion, Shopfitting Companies in Pretoria or Shopfitting Companies in Gauteng, you will find many many results. Each offering similar services and of course a wide range of price points. What makes Brand Inventors Retail Shopfitters unique is the fact that we offer a full turn-key solution. We Design and Manufacture all our items in our 1500m2 facility in Silverton, Pretoria.

We use complex software for design purpose, which allows us to build your entire store in absolute detail in a virtual 3D Space. Our designs are then directly exported to our CNC Machines. This means no human error and item duplication is absolutely perfect every single time. Our software packages allows us to see errors before machining takes place. This means your retail shopfitting and displays will respond exactly as designed.

Once items have been machined we take the parts off, clean them nicely, pack all the components in order and get assembly done. We do quality control each step of the way to ensure than your shopfittings are handled and prepared perfectly from the beginning. 

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What is Shopfitting and What Does Retail Shopfitters Offer

Retail Shopfitters offer a wide range of services. We can assist in a wide range of ways. We have had clients who order a single item from us, delivered to their store and installed on site and we’ve had clients who expect us to take the keys, and return them when we’re done with their entire store.It all depends on how busy you are and what your requirements for shopfitting is. We do prefer being trusted to do what we do best and manage your project and timelines inhouse. This makes things a lot easier and quicker. Brand Inventors Retail Shopfitters has an experienced team of specialists and we are commercial shopfitters.

We design and build everything. We have flooring, drywall, ceiling, electricians, plumbers and of course fitters, designers, machine operators, project managers, procurement specialists and more. This means we can take an empty store and build the complete outlet from the ground up. On the other hand. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be willing to build you a single cabinet, or bar. Maybe you would like a sign only. We love creative challenges. We also welcome any size project. So if you have any retail shopfitter requirements, please feel free to get in touch. No job is too big or too small.

This single point is what makes us a little different to our competitors.

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Brand Inventors – Retail Shopfitters consist of three divisions within the company. These division are as follows. Luxury Shopfitters, which is our high end division responsible for top brands and premium shopfitting finishes. The we have retail shopfitters which is our standard solution for shopfitting projects of a medium class, medium budget. Our third division is our Budget Shopfitting division which is specifically aimed at lower cost installations and budget retail shop fittings solutions. These are off the sheld low cost items, but work well in certain environments.

For more information on these brand divisions please feel free to contact us and we’ll guid you in the right direction.

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Retail Shopfitters | Shopfitters Pretoria | Shopfitters Johannesburg

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