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Salon Shopfitters | Beauty Salon Shopfitters | Hair Salon Shopfitters

Salon Shopfitters

Brand Inventors aka Retail Shopfitters can assist you with a complete turn-key solution for you Salon. We are Salon Shopfitters who understand visual design goals as well as client budget requirements. We love creating bespoke spaces that are not only beautiful, but also practical. We have many years experience creating a wide range of retail and service industry spaces, but the beauty industry is by far our favourite simply because we get to create more interesting places with higher demand for design and visual value.

Salon Furniture

Brand Inventors can assist with 100% custom made just for you Salon Furniture and Salon Fittings. Our team of Industrial Designers can design all your items 100% custom for your absolute needs and suitable for your daily requirements. Our team can create Soft Seating, Display Areas, Counters, Cabinets and even light fittings 100% to your requirement.

Salon Start Up Cost

Because Brand Inventors has a zero outsourcing policy, we can really get you the best price for your Salon Shopfitting needs. When we get your budget we design and use clever and effective techniques to achieve a look and feel that you aim for, while staying well within budget. Our Salon Start Up Costs vary between R3000-R8000 per square meter usually. But obviously it all depends on your goals and objectives.

Salon Shopfitters

Beauty Salon Shopfitting

Beauty Salon Shopfitter

Beauty Salon Shopfitters & Designers

Brand Inventors aka Retail Shopfitters has been involved with design and fitment of various beauty related store fittings and retail display items. We are Beauty Salon Shopfitters who understand the practical day to day requirements of the business. For this reason we can create robust yet beautiful shopfitting items that can take the knocks handed out by the industry while looking good for a decent amount of time.

Design your Salon

Our team of highly qualified designers can assist you with some interesting beauty salon interior design ideas. We can design around your beauty salon budget and make sure you get the best results for the best possible price.

Our design services include 3D visuals and complex design tools which allow you to not only visualise the item but also change materials and finishes on the fly, make design alterations as needed, and confirm dimensions and other related data. This means we get the item right the first time, saving you money and trouble in the process.

Hair Salon Shopfitting

Hair Salon Shopfitters

Brand Inventors aka Retail Shopfitters can assist you with a complete turn-key solution for your Hair Salon shopfitting needs. We are Salon Shopfitters who understand visual design goals as well as client budget requirements. We understand that you need both robust yet beautiful, affordable yet classy. With the right combination of materials we can achieve the million dollar look at a fraction of the price.

We love creating bespoke furniture and custom displays which will remain unique to your Hair Salon. Obviously the goal is to differentiate your business from all the others. Our design team can help you achieve your goals though intelligent design solutions and the right choice of materials and finishes.


Shopfitting Services Included in Salon Shopfitter Category

Onsite Construction

  • Tiling
  • Drywalls or Partitions
  • Ceilings
  • Brick Work
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

Workshop Related

  • Custom Counters
  • Retail Displays
  • Mirrors and Stands
  • Signage
  • Wall Graphics
  • more…

Turn-Key Services

We offer a full turn-key service and project management service if you should want to take advantage of it. This means we handle absolutely everything from Centre Management to Aircons, Design and Submissions, Manufacturing and Installation. You get to choose which of those services you require.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to book a briefing or tell us about your project. We would love to take you on a tour of our workshop, show you some samples, show you some work and give you some insight on our capabilities. Our 1500m2 facility in Silverton, Pretoria is equipped with a wide range of CNC machines and state of the art equipment which allows us to do complex work really fast. But in order to really understand what we are about and how we work it’s best to see these machines in action. We are Retail Shopfitters like no other. Everything we do is custom, once off, client specific.

To get your project rolling we need to know what you have in mind. When you want to do it and within which budget. You can send us some pictures of designs you like as inspiration or if you have a design ready you can forward the drawings and 3D visuals to us for costings.

When we get together we can quickly take a look at the complexity of your project as well as the time frame required to complete. We can then put your project into our pipeline and get it going. Our goal is to always give our clients something unique, affordable and beautiful. We handle every project as a portfolio project no matter how big or small. So please don’t be shy. Make contact, let’s chat and see how we can possibly help you achieve greatness.