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CNC Router Cutting Pretoria

CNC Router Cutting Pretoria

CNC Router Cutting Pretoria

Retail Shopfitters now offers CNC Router Cutting Pretoria. Our CNC Router Workshop Service offering to the public as an additional in-house service. What makes our CNC Router service unique is that we have a large Router Machine specifically designed to cut MDF, Wood, Perspex, Aluminium, ABS Plastics and other similar engineering materials. The cutting bed on our CNC Router is 2000mm X 3000mm which allows for single full sheet cuts for large signage applications and retail displays. Our CNC Router Workshop works around the clock to ensure quick turn around times and delivery.

Straight Cuts & Variable Depth

Our machines are capable of 3D variable depth routering, which allows for complex designs and precision. Because the machines work directly from computer generated file to cut there is practically no chance of error.

Bespoke Fabrication

Our team of designers and skilled craftsmen can assist with the manufacturing of a wide range of truly custom made fabricated displays, signs, boxes, retail units, furniture items and more.

CNC Router Cutting Pretoria

Laser Cutting Silverton.

Our facilities allow for us to not only provide you with CNC Router Cutting Pretoria Services but also custom built items made from steel or wood to compliment or strengthen your items if required. We can also create complete custom displays using digital printing, aluminium, wood, ABS Plastics, chromadek sheeting and various lighting systems like LED back lighting and much more.

Design & Technical Work

We also offer full technical design and professional set up services to ensure that your designs are manufactured at an optimal rate with durable materials and excellent finishes. Our team of designers will also ensure that your final results meet the exact standard as designed originally and no variations occur. We do CNC Router Cutting Pretoria with many years experience in design and fabrication finishes. Our goal as a CNC Router Cutting Silverton Facility is to offer our clients the best pricing at the shortest turn around time possible. For more information please contact us.

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CNC Router Cutting Silverton

CNC Router Cutting Pretoria

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